About StreamIt TV

StreamIt TV connects video content creators and consumers by providing an easy to use live streaming and video on demand platform. StreamIt TV lets you broadcast live videos and upload videos straight from your device. Share or watch in real-time when news is breaking, visiting a new place, or meeting people and sharing interests - all in real-time.

Use StreamIt TV to:
• Broadcast live video and interact with people through hearts and comments.
• Discover popular live video streams from around the world or search for broadcasts by location or topic.
• Missed out on a live video? Don't worry - watch the best parts with replay highlights.
• Instantly share your live videos to Twitter and other social networks.
• Upload videos from your device to share with the world.


Uploading Videos:


Live Stream Requirements

  • Download and install OBS Studio from https://obsproject.com/
  • Open OBS and go to Settings > Output > Output Mode and select Advanced, then change below where it says "Keyframe Interval" and enter 1 in the input box, then click OK. This step must be done one time only and the setting will be remembered afterwards.

OBS Preparation

Starting a Live Stream

  • Go to GO LIVE (Uploads).
  •  Under STREAM SETTINGS enter the Title and Description of your livestream.
  • Activate "LISTED TRANSMISSION" to allow your livestream to show on the frontpage.
  • Open OBS and go to Settings > Stream.
  • At "Service", select "Custom...".
  • At "Server" copy/paste the "Server URL" from the site.
  • At "Stream key" copy/paste the "Stream Name/Key" from the site.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Start Streaming.
  • If you see the green square, then your stream is live.
  • If your stream is public, it will show on the frontpage of the site as well as by the alarm bell and all of your subscribers will be notified via email.
  • To stop streaming, open OBS and click the Stop Streaming button.
  • After your stream is completed, the VOD will be listed in your VIDEOS on your channel.